What is chainHero ?

chainHero is dedicated to help companies and governments to build and deploy public or permissioned blockchains.

We are an innovative opensource blockchain company with the expertise to deliver fast, easy-to-use and secure blockchains.

chainHero teams operate at each step of the project, from the functional specification, to the delivery in production.

IT consulting and expertise.

Schema of all technologies used by chainHero (IBM Bluemix, Hyeperledger Fabric, Docker, Node JS, Angular, golang...)

We use technology and creativity and expertise to turn your ideas and your needs into reality.

Business method approach.

What can chainHero's blockchain do for you ?

We believe that blockchain is a game changing technology that will help companies, governments and individuals in a lot of many ways.

Benefits are multiple :


Transactions using blockchain do not need intermediaries, so processes are conducted more efficiently, faster and cheaper than before.


Transactions that currently take days waiting for multiple authorizations can be concluded in seconds thanks to blockchain.


By design blockchain guarantees security and trust for each transaction.


Any transaction or digital asset can be handled via a blockchain.


Bring the security of your assets and the trustworthiness of your company to the next level using Blockchain.

Supply chain management

Build secure, transparent and fraud-free blockchain to reduce your costs and inventories.

Supply finance chain

Deploy efficiency and an unprecedented level of trust and transparency between suppliers and manufacturers.

Identity management

Protect private financial and health data using blockchain.

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Record management

Handle, authentificate and secure all different types of properties such as contracts, signatures and assets.

See your audit tools

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Build secure and compliant KYC consortium with hyperLedger.

See your Identity Manager

Record IoT

Connect everything securely around your business and your customer.


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