Lean-blockchain — 1/3

8%, according to a Deloitte report, is the survival rate of a blockchain project in the corporate fever and startups to want to surf the hype around this technology :

Deloitte Insights — deloitte.com/insights

Even more, the same Deloitte study confirm a slight reduction in the number of projects started in 2017:

Deloitte Insights — deloitte.com/insights

So, despite all the promises of the blockchain, what could be the reasons for these rather discouraging figures?

We think these figures are indicative of a trend which rely on :

  • The frenzy of ICOs and the amount of money that could be collected almost exclusively on the blockchain buzzword as well as the losses suffered by some investors. On this subject have a look to https://deadcoins.com/
  • Poor understanding of technology by investors, startups and entrepreneurs

Clearly, all technologies, however brilliant they may be, remain only a tool ! What seems important to us is:

  • Having sufficient technical understanding of the technology to appropriate its full potential,
  • Change your way of thinking to forget your usual reflexions and problem-solving models in order to discover new ways of working with these new tools.

Lean Blockchain method

It is precisely to meet these 2 fundamental challenges that chainHero and chainOps companies have launched together a community audit and ideation methodology.

This new methodology, named Lean Blockchain, will lead to make the most of the blockchain for your company or project.

This method is based on canvas we have designed to assist customers, guided by a mentor from the Lean Blockchain network of experts, throughout the entire workflow of understanding the environment and product ideation.

A step-by-step method to create your blockchain

The goal of this method is to reveal a product idea that answers to a customer’s need (expressed or not) and that fits market expectations.

One of the basic ideas of the method is not to fall into the classic pitfall of “pushing techno” companies. If there is no need or place for a blockchain, we will not propose any.

Typically a lean-blockchain intervention consists of several workshops with the client (between 3 and 5) punctuated by telephone interviews. We interview the key people of the business processes of the company, but also partners and competitors or market regulators.

At the end of the lean-blockchain mission, we provide a white paper with a detailed analysis to the customer. If he wishes to continue the adventure and take the plunge, our technical teams take over and lead the product development.

Lean Blockchain — White paper

Context identification

As presented, our method is an exploratory method and to avoid the shortcomings of “techno pushing” or confusing minds with parasitic thoughts, we avoid talking about blockchain as much as possible.

On the other hand, we spend a lot of time scanning the company’s environment in order to identify the dynamics, synergies but also the constraints the company has to face.

For example, in order to carry out this analysis we use this canvas as a support for work:

Lean Blockchain — Canvas

This is the end of our first article presenting the lean-blockchain method.

Next articles we will introduce you the other steps.

In the meantime for the next articles if you would like more information on the lean-blockchain method or if you would like to discuss your blockchain project with our consulting or project teams, do not hesitate to leave us your contact details on http://lean-blockchain.com or on https://chainhero.io

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Posted by Nicolas Hersog